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Work From The Inside Out

Jun 12, 2019

Elena F. Deutsch, MPH is the Founder of WILL Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law. She helps attorneys become clear on what they want next, kick inner nay-sayers out of the driver’s seat, and act on their dreams. She’s focusing her 30 years of experience in leadership, training and coaching on lawyers who feel stuck, unhappy and wants to reclaim control of their careers and lives.

Her work has been featured in The American Lawyer, Bloomberg Big Law Business, Above the Law, and more.

Elena shares her journey of starting her career in public health and how she transitioned from that world into a consulting partnership and then her own coaching practice.  As the daughter of an attorney, she witnessed first hand the pressures of the legal profession.  Once she became a coach, lawyers were quickly drawn to her and wanted to explore their options outside the legal profession.  Today, she offers group and individual support to lawyers who are leaving or who have left their legal careers for new professional adventures.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Elena achieved her first big vision by spending a year traveling through Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia, and what that time represents in her life.
  • Her love of learning and training and how that has played a role through her careers and transitions.
  • How Elena’s parents and their careers helped influence her business.
  • One of the most difficult conversations she has ever had.
  • What WILL is and how Elena got started with it.

Listen, subscribe and read show notes at - episode 028