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Work From The Inside Out

Jun 19, 2019

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss spent two decades careening through corporate America and barely lived to write about it. As company journalists, speechwriters, and C-suite advisors, they stockpiled insider stories and cautionary tales, which they turned into two novels: B.S., Incorporated and Operation Clusterpuck. Both live near Minneapolis where they own a communications agency, speaking to groups of all sizes, and share their perspectives in publications like the Washington Post.

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss were corporate communications directors at Best Buy for many years.  One day they bowed out of a ‘soul-crushing’ meeting and stole away for a drink.  From that moment on, a new partnership formed.  They began to plan their first novel and 5 years later, they started their own communications firm.  They have since written two humorous novels showcasing parodies of corporate life, “B.S. Inc.” and “Operation Clusterpuck”.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How they are grateful for the years they worked together at Best Buy and how they discovered the need for something different in their professional lives.
  • Jennifer’s story about going through a divorce while she was also making a significant career transition and what worked for her through the process.
  • Michael’s story about being married with two children and how his decision to leave the corporate world was embraced and supported by his family.
  • How they have written two humorous novels showcasing parodies of corporate life, called “B.S. Incorporated” and “Operation Clusterpuck.”
  • How Michael and Jennifer talked about the planning steps and the thought process they engaged in to take the risk to leave steady employment.

Listen, subscribe and read show notes at - episode 029