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Work From The Inside Out

Sep 4, 2019

A natural and authentic teacher, Chris Badgett has used that inclination in every business he’s started or mentored. Through video and a successful podcast, Chris shares his extensive knowledge, not just of online learning systems, but of business models and more. Chris is the CEO of LifterLMS, a tool that encompasses the needs of the modern membership course creator. This tool allows you to create an integrated membership site. When he’s not building online courses or his LMS software company, you can find him working in his cabin, spending time in nature, or performing magic tricks for his kids.

Chris was a teenager like many, without a sense of focus or direction and the potential to get into trouble. Somehow, he made it to college and the learning bug bit him. He quickly developed a love of learning and allowed that to take him on many adventures, exploring anthropology, the outdoors, psychology and photography, to name a few. Post-graduation, he landed in Alaska where he learned the dog mushing business and on the side began to teach himself how to build websites. Today, Chris lives on an organic farm in Maine with his wife and kids, where he runs his company, LifterLMS and hosts a podcast, LMScast. He is proud of the team he has built and to help others get what they want.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Chris discovered his love of learning in college after adolescence in which he felt unfocused.
  • Upon graduating from college he took off, living in the back of his car, and pursued what he loved while discovering his next steps.
  • His early experience working in Colorado and then in Alaska with sled dogs, learning the mushing business, and working on a glacier in Alaska.
  • How he has not been afraid of starting at the bottom and growing up, and how that mindset has influenced his life.
  • Chris’ valuable insight into rediscovering the thread that lights you up in order to determine your purpose.
  • His love for his business and how he feels like he is living a dream on his organic farm in Maine with his wife and children.

Listen, subscribe and read show notes at - episode 040