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Work From The Inside Out

Dec 8, 2021

Roxana Radulescu grew up in Bucharest, Romania when it was in the communist bloc. She said that meant you couldn't be who you wanted to be because you had to conform to a way where everybody was supposed to be equal. As we know from the novel 1984, some were more equal than others ... a different definition of equal. 

Roxana was a painfully shy kid. Her kindergarten teacher sent a report to her 1st-grade teacher, labeling her antisocial. She had no school friends either and hated going there. That summer she went to camp and things opened up for Roxana. She found her voice there. Back in school, during the communist period, the environment remained strict.

Once communism fell in her early teen years, Roxana discovered MTV! She decided she wanted to be a DJ. As she entered high school, Roxana refocused her aspirations to become a lawyer, but her mother said, “No, no no you can’t be talking to criminals all day.” Still, Roxana found the law intriguing yet she studied foreign languages and literature at university. Ironically, her first job after graduation was an administrative role with an international law firm.  

The law firm went through some changes and one day Roxana overheard the head of HR saying that they were in need of a person to do learning and development across the firm. Nervously, she approached the head of HR suggesting that she would be happy to take over that role. The HR person agreed and thus began Roxana’s career as a learning and development professional. Nine years later, she moved to Canada and started her business. 

Roxana is the Founder and Chief Game-Changer of All Personal, a Canadian leadership consulting company. Unlike other people leadership programs that focus on top executives, Roxana's programs focus on millennials who are at the beginning of their people leadership journey. She works with millennial corporate mid-managers & small business CEOs to help them build top-notch people leadership skills, knowledge & strategies so that they can confidently fast-track their journey to become dream bosses and build dream teams!

In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Roxana’s journey:


  • Roxana is a TEDx speaker, host of the All Personal podcast, and live show host.
  • She is also a Certified Learning & Development and HR Professional, Master Coach, Online and Classroom Course Designer & Facilitator.

Learn more and connect with Roxana here: